QR codes pros and cons

So, is it wise to use QR codes in marketing campaigns?

It’s presumably a well-liked argument.

While some marketers see the bright side, others are dubious of QR codes’ efficacy and would prefer to spend their money elsewhere.

We’ll now examine the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy.

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QR codes pros

Simple to make

As previously noted, it only takes five minutes to design a QR code for your brand. This frees up your time to address other crucial issues like where to print the code or how to distribute it.

able to be positioned anywhere

There are countless placement options offered by QR codes. They can be exhibited digitally or printed on a variety of materials, including paper and fabric.

You can include the QR code in an advertising banner you post online so that potential buyers can visit your homepage, deals page, etc.

If your home furniture firm has an app, display your code outside the store so that customers who are pressed for time can access your app by just scanning it.

QR codes pros and cons

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Make an enticing offer

Because you can’t see what you get until you scan a QR code, they can be problematic. This enigma can be used to pique people’s interest and generate excitement.

For instance, you could inform website users that your company is having a unique giving campaign and encourage them to scan the QR code to learn more about the specifics. Additionally, you are able to use this information in other online advertisements.

Easily Monitored

Following QR codes is really simple. A dynamic QR code can be recorded once it is finished.

You may monitor usage information from QR codes, including location, traffic originating from the code, and operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.).

These kinds of statistics are provided by certain QR code producers, but you still need a more reliable source, hence we advise using Google Analytics.

All you need to do is add Google Analytics code snippets to your sites and Google UTM string parameters to your site URL in order to view QR code visit information using Google Analytics.

QR codes cons

It can be inconvenient to scan.

Although exciting at times, scanning isn’t always easy to use and straightforward.

Instead of utilising the QR code, some consumers find it far more convenient to click on links that are saved in other digital formats or to just google the brand name.

The exhausting procedure

In addition, not everyone has a smartphone with a QR code scanner app installed. If the code isn’t working, the process can be time-consuming and annoying.

Use QR codes to infuse campaigns with flavour.
You can still employ QR codes for your marketing campaign with specific strategies, despite some drawbacks.

Allow us to guide you through some fantastic ideas to increase sales and improve your marketing effectiveness!

Profit from a one-time customer

Imagine that someone choose to purchase your goods after stumbling onto it by accident on the grocery store shelf. They later turned into a one-time customer.

It is unlikely, nevertheless, that they will return as repeat clients. Customers are spoiled for choice, and it only takes a click to find the closest rival.

What would you do if you wanted to provide discounts or other unique offers to your new consumers as incentives?
A QR code is useful. Simply slap the QR code on the package and attach your sign-up page. When your new clients see the code and go to the page, they may, in the best scenario, register and become members, or at the very least, they may browse your offer on the internet.

QR codes pros and cons

Boost traffic to your websites and social media accounts.

Let’s try using QR codes if you’re wondering how to get more people to your website.

For instance, let’s say you wish to boost the amount of people that visit your brick and mortar store online but it currently draws in a specific amount of business. Therefore, we advise you to post the QR code at your store to direct in-person customers to your website. Remember to add the persuasive message within the code.

If the image or content of the advertisement banner doesn’t convince them, a QR code might be a good alternative because of its mystery—people can’t find out what’s behind it until they scan it.

Therefore, you may create an appealing CTA, including a link to your website or social media profile in the QR codes, and then just wait for people to arrive.

Use augmented reality to improve shopping experiences

You might wonder, “What does AR with QR codes mean for my store?”

As was already said, if you include QR codes on your material, users may be drawn in.

Even though augmented reality (AR) is an unquestionable digital trend and its influence is growing in e-commerce, store owners do not have to participate in the game. Consider allowing customers to view your products through augmented reality by having them scan the QR code if you are thinking about implementing AR in your online store.

Make QR codes more noticeable.

Please remember that you have failed if you are unable to make the QR code shine out. If your customer isn’t sure that scanning the code would help them, they will ignore the QR code and take no further action. Here are some tips to boost the rate at which QR codes are scanned:

Personalise your QR code by including a colour scheme. The colour scheme of your brand can be used to accentuate the brand archetype and provide interest.

To get customers to scan your QR codes, always include a call-to-action in the design, such as “Scan me,” “Get the deal,” or “See us.”

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